Coming from the big movement of the Parkland shooting, student activism has inspired many different types of work. Some being visual art, music and songs, writing, poetry, and spoken word. Emma Gonzales’ speech, We Call BS is art; calling out issues in current society, with words and speech, I feel inspired more to not only speak up about some of the current issues revolving around gun control and violence. More specifically the NRA donating very large and significant amounts to Republican candidates, such as the $30 million that went into Donald Trump’s campaign. Recently, the hashtag #ifIdieinaschoolshooting has been highlighting trauma, fear, and the emotional aspect of what it would be like to be in a school where gun violence occurred. Some have taken this as a project into their own hands, making it bigger and more well known. Below is a link to a video showing this, made by Brianna Boynton.