Student Leadership and Government


Student Leadership in Eagles for Action is important, because it teaches the students to govern ourselves in a mature and productive manner. The following positions have all been voted upon, and almost all were unanimous. The following roles aren’t in the traditional format of president, vice president, secretary, etc. but rather positions that go alongside the duties that this type of group needs to progress forward.


Faculty Adviser: Ms. Kathleen Murdough

The job of the adviser is to make sure that while students work hard to be independent, that things are still followed in accordance with school and district code and rules, as well as help guide us in ideas and leadership. Ms. Murdough is a world cultures teacher, as well as the teacher for AP US Government and Politics at Kennett, and we couldn’t find a better person for the job.

Student Discussion Leaders: Brianna Consaul & Nicole Lockhart-Rios

The job of the discussion leaders is to facilitate thoughtful, productive, and effective discussions in our meetings and to keep things on track. While not a traditional presidential role, the discussion leaders do many duties of it, such as starting meetings, being a chair and outreach to others and other organizations, and help lead us in the right direction. Brianna and Nicole were both eager to take on these roles, as they both want to pursue careers in politics.

Student Secretary: Phoebe Lyons

The duties of the secretary mirror the traditional role, such as taking notes and minutes of each meeting, keeping track of important things, dates and events, and just about everything she can. Phoebe is the student body secretary of the KHS Student Council, and has been for two years. She was excited to take on this role, and help the group, and has excellent handwriting!

Student Treasurer: Cole Schneider

The treasurer manages money, the bank balance, and helps manage finances and expenses. Cole was excited to take on this role, because they love math!

Media Representative: Sarah Raciot-Psaledakis

The media outreach person is responsible for making and keeping up to date social media pages and accounts. Sarah isn’t quite a phone addict, but holds this responsibility because she is good with technology. She posts updates, pictures of things at events and fundraisers, and was ecstatic to take this opportunity.

Community Outreach Coordinator: Chloe Armstrong

Community outreach coordination takes care of organizing and getting permissions, forms, and manages rules and regulations for events. Chloe has also helped in writing to the Conway Daily Sun, as well as helping editing papers and letters. Chloe is also interning for Deaglan McEachern’s campaign, “Deaglan for Congress”, and works on voter outreach in Carroll and Belknap counties.