Biography, History, and Foundation

Written by Cole Schneider

Eagles for Action is a group at Kennett High School, in North Conway, New Hampshire, with the goal of making effective change in political, social, legal, and lasting change on America. The group was originally created after the Parkland shooting, when students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, such as Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky, didn’t give up, and kept making inspirational speeches, changing the world with their words. When student leaders started talking about wanting to make this group happen, Eagles for Action was born.

Following the National School Walkout, on March 14th, 2018, in protest of demanding change for gun laws and strictness. The walkout at Kennett, had over 300 students participating, which was so much more than originally expected. Speeches by Molly Robert, Fiona Davis-Walsh, Cole Schneider, and Matt Ballou encouraged attending students, and our volume grew. After the walkout, students went back inside, and there were petitions to politicians and people in office, as well as templates for letters to politicians.

Soon after the walkout, the first meeting for Eagles for Action came, and there were about six people in attendance. Not letting this bring us down, we set our essential goals, and planned for a meeting during the school day, so more people would be able to go. The next meeting came, and there were about 24 people there. Our size only grew, as well as our ideas blossoming. We finished organizing the first voter registration drive, where students who would be of legal age by the election could pre-register to vote. This was very successful, and we had so many students register.

Overall, the students involved, and the founders, have done so much to enhance and develop this group, and we’d like to thank those who have helped us along the way. To Kathleen Murdough, for being our advisor, and supporter; to Harrison Kanzler, and his father Chris Kanzler, for helping us learn more about gun safety and the processes of obtaining firearms to educate ourselves; to Carla Schneider for donating the domain, and her time and efforts for this website; and to the senior class of 2018 for being the leaders and heroes this group needed.



Club seniors, May 2018